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What people are saying?

"Android workshop was my first workshop which I've attend, in which I learned creating apps like messenger,call etc. Which was really excited. I would like to attend this once again."
Pooja Shree
MCE - Hassan
"Android Application Development By Dalvik Apps organised by Mr. Amit Thool sir where i learnt UI Design and Development, Basic oops concepts,android animations , xml programming and advanced UI designing. All this concepts are teached by Amit sir in a very easy manner and in a understandable way with lotss of pateince. He taken care of every student in the class."
Indushree S.R. Yadav
GCOE - Karwar
"It was the best workshop of my life in which I learnt lots of things including technical skill and way of living by the motivational words of sir."
PCE - Nagpur
Training on Android Application Development by Dalvik apps couldn't have been much easier and dynamic. Thanks to the dedicated staff and specially Amit Thool sir. Right from basics like OOPS concepts to sophisticated fucionalities like Material deigning have not only been taught but engraved in our minds. Complicated and advanced topics were handled with extreme detail and patience. Amit sir always see to it that no one should end up with doubts or should be left behind. Really appreciate the course and the way it was taught to us. In the future, will not leave any opportunity to learn from Amit sir and of course Dalvik Apps.
Shashank Yadav
Internship Student
RMCET - Ratnagiri

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