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“There is no Design without Discipline. There is no Discipline without Intelligence”

– Massimo Vignelli

Students end up spending upto 50% of their project development time and money due to improper electronic component selection using trial & error method for their minor & major projects. With Dalvik Apps’s Project Development & Project Management (PDPM) initiative we are preventing students from blindly purchasing of projects without understanding the technology, rather we are giving free online training on the project student want to make with us. First of all we are teaching the student how they can virtually design the circuit, write program & simulate the output using industrial electronics CAD & simulation tools without spending money on purchasing the components. Once they get the expected output they will undergo design of PCB for the selected project, then we will train on how to chemically/manually etch the PCB & using soldering iron how to do soldering of electronic components & perform final testing of the project.

Students can come with their own project idea to do it with us, or can select any of the below mentioned projects which can be made available on any microcontroller platform like, 8051, AVR-Atmega8, PIC, MSP430, ARM as per their requirement:

• Line follower robot

• Wireless Spy Robot with camera & obstacle avoider sensor

• IR/TV Remote Controlled Wireless Robot

• Interfacing Sharp’s IR proximity/distance sensor & making obstacle avoider robot

• Computer controlled intelligent Robot

• 3 Axis Pick and Place robot — IR remote Operated (wireless)

• 3 Axis Pick and Place robot — Keypad Operated (with wire)

• 3 Axis Pick and Place robot — using PC interface (with wire)

• Touch screen controlled 3 axis Pick and Place robot using wireless communication

• Quadruped (4 legged) robot with wireless control & wireless camera

• Biped walking robot with automatic obstacle detection & avoidance

• Image processing based gesture controlled robot using Matlab

• GSM/GPS based Vehicle Tracking System

• SMS Controlled Relay Board/SMS Controlled Automation System

• Mobile Phone Controlled IVRS System

• Mobile Phone Controlled Door Lock & Unlock

• Automatic Railway Gate control

• Heart Rate Monitor

• RFID based security system implementation

• Contact-less Tachometer with Seven Segment Display

• Password protected digital door lock

• Burglar Alarm System

• Water Level Indicator & Controller

• Custom/regional language based characters display on 16×2 LCD

• Stepper Motor interface & control

• Digital Clock using RTC DS1307 & with alarm set function

• Automatic bidirectional visitor counter

• Servo Motor interfacing & control

• Home Appliances Control By Human Voice

• Interfacing 3-Axis Accelerometer

• Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter

• Traffic Light Controller

• Automatic College Bell

• Device control through Bluetooth from Android Mobiles

• Electronic Voting Machine

• Finger Print Based Security System/Attendance System

• Touchscreen based Ordering System for Restaurants

• Automatic Car Parking Indicator System

• Rolling message display using Matrix LEDs

• Automatic Street light controller

• Android mobile controlled 3 axis Pick and Place robot using Bluetooth technology

• AC Fan speed control using Android mobile

• Android controlled Electronic Notice Board using Matrix LED Rolling display

• Touchscreen based door security locking system

• Vehicle collision avoidance system using ultrasonic sensor

• Vehicle collision avoidance system using SHARP IR proximity sensor

• Wash basin tap controller with human hand sensing for water conservation

• ZigBee based wireless home automation system

• Over Voltage & Under Voltage Tripping Mechanism

• Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights

• Hand gesture based 2D game development using acceleration sensor

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